This is open on weekdays from 9am to 3.30pm. There are two large Day Rooms, two seperate Dining Rooms, and four Resource Rooms where some of the activities take place. There is a large, safe garden for walking and sitting in, to be enjoyed in fine weather. Easy access to the 1st floor rooms is provided by our lift. We can now have 50 clients per day under present PPE regulations.

We supply transport for those clients living in the Bath area. We are happy for others to make their own transport arrangements.

Refreshments are provided throughout the day, with a two course hot meal at lunchtime. We are able to cater for those with special diets. Supervised bathing facilities can be provided, if required, plus hairdressing and chiropody.

Clients are encouraged to participate in therapeutic activities such as craft sessions, card games, community singing, quizzes and memory games, dancing, quoits and skittles, physical movement exercises, etc. All are designed to stimulate the memory.

We provide companionship and stimulation for those living with dementia in a safe and comfortable environment