For people who are not able to come to the Day Centre, or may prefer their own home, we can provide fully trained Sitters to sit with your loved one.

As each situation is different, we try and work out with the carer the most appropriate use of time spent with the dependent, to devise a range of activities which will be enjoyable and stimulating, or simply talk. Special needs are discussed and an individual plan is agreed with the carer. If the carer agrees, this could also include occasional outings to parks and gardens as well as short walks or car rides.

This can be from a few hours to several hours and enables the carer to leave the house and have a well deserved break.

We carefully match the Sitter to the client they will sit for so that a friendship will develop

As from 1 March 2023, this vital side of our work is managed by staff in the Day Centre. Please contact us on 01225 835520 to ask how our sitters can help you.